Forum Rules

03-19-2014, 09:50 PM


From time to time it becomes necessary to remind our members of some basic courtesies, rules and facts of life when it comes to the Forums.


Important information for members.


You should have filled out the registration information with complete and accurate information including your full real name & department affiliation (Do not use initials). We reserve the right to verify and authenticate the accuracy of the information provided by those who have registered on the Forums. If you need to make a change or correct information send a pm to “CTFIRE-EMS”


Use common sense

• It is our intention for this site to be a Firematic & EMS Forum and Message Board for members who want to come here for useful & relevant information.


• If you are here to stir trouble, attack or bash other departments or members, don't bother posting.


• If you hate career firefighters you will be very frustrated here.


• If you hate volunteer firefighters you will be very frustrated here.


• We don't want this to be a place for fire ground and rescue weasels to hide behind their keyboards and say things that they would not say in their own station or to someone’s face.


• Do not post privileged or confidential information.


• Do not Hi-jack useful posts with useless chit chat or general garbage.


• By participating in these forums you must realize that there is no single or perfect way to handle each and every fire or emergency. That no one department has the perfect solution or set of guidelines to handle everything. When someone posts a report, means, method, picture or video tape of an incident, or a procedure, if you feel you must comment than do so. If someone disagrees with you accept it. It is my hopes that each and every one of us will evaluate every view point and evaluate its merits in order to learn and make ourselves and maybe even our departments better.


Each and every one of us usually holds a soft spot in our hearts for our department. It is natural to want to defend our department, its decisions and performance. Yet it is the nature of Forums such as this to enter into debate, sometimes friendly, sometimes not. Please accept this with the understanding that some of the comments are meant to be constructive, friendly bantering or down right bashing. Please don't take everything to heart, you should expect that with the numbers of members we have that there is bound to be some tension or friction, don't let it get to you!!!!


• We reserve the right to delete and edit threads at our discretion. Only you are responsible for the threads you make and for the fallout associated for what you type and post on the Forums.


• The person who types the last word doesn't always win. Be reasonable and prudent with your posts.

I would like to point out that if there is a member on here and you would like to ignore a certain members posts so that they don't show up on your screen you may do so by doing the following; Go to the User CP > scroll down to ignore list and add that member to your ignore list. Their posts will not come up on your screen.


Do not use our Forums as your personal Laundromat.

• Lurkers who may be from outside the Firefighting & EMS fields may also view inappropriate posts.


• Every department has dirty laundry. This is not the place to air it out. Yes I know about free speech. Free speech is not free, it sometimes comes with a price. It is my wishes that the price not be paid on these Forums.


• Will there be some things that make it on the Forums that my be embarrassing, bad news or something we wish never had happened? Of course, that is the society we live in. Hopefully we will all learn from these issues.

Do not pretend to be something you are not.


• Remember you can fool the fans, but you can't fool the players.


• We have developed a viable Forum that includes over 8,000 members who are green horn probies all the way through seasoned vets. Do not portray yourself as something you are not. Sooner or later it will get exposed and the chances of you getting humiliated on here, or shunned by your department members are great.

Do not come here to simply siphon traffic to your site.


• We are looking to establish beneficial relationships with individuals, companies and departments. We hope that these relationships will be a two way street and be beneficial to all.


• Forum posts or individuals that come on the Forum to do nothing more than direct traffic away from our Forum to their own site, are not acceptable. Please establish yourself as a contributor on the two way street and help build the relationship.


• We have provided free link sections for non-commercial operations. Certain links in your signature may be used if in good taste. We request that you provide a reciprocal link on your site so people can find us.


• The use of our Forums for spamming by individuals or companies, without the approval of the Administrator is prohibited.


For those who continually bash or always make posts in a negative light, I ask you to please show more restraint and I ask you all to show more professionalism. For those that continue to cause problems or violate the terms, conditions, rules and spirit of the forums you can expect to hear from myself or one of the Moderators. We reserve the right to delete or modify any post and or ban an account at any time for any reason.


For those wishing to depart the Forums that is your choice. If you choose to do so there is no need to grandstand and make a bon-voyage speech. Under advice of Council we do not delete accounts in case someone is aggrieved by something you post and wishes to file an action and files the proper paper work requesting your registration information. If your info is deleted we have no way of providing the information and then we become culpable for something you posted.



Please remember these basic rules


• Your posts must be legal and not break any laws


• No vulgar language or profanity


• No threatening, abusive of harassing comments.


• We will not tolerate personal attacks or attacks against a department. We encourage lively debate. You can disagree all you want, but there is a line –and it is not to be crossed.


• No slanderous or libelous posts. Knowingly making false claims about a company, person, department or organization is strictly prohibited.


• Please do not post anything that could be used by “the anti’s” to support their cause. You know who they are, anti Fire fighting, anti EMS, anti union etc. Keep in mind that the anti’s may visit the Forums and it is easy to take posts out of context. Lets not give the anti’s additional ammunition for their feeble minded cause.


• If something is posted that is “in the public domain” or being mentioned in the news media you should have no expectation of privacy here on the Forums.


• We ask that you be discrete on the Forums as friends and family of those who have suffered a loss may view the Forums. We ask that you use tact and creativity when making reports and posting information that may be of a sensitive nature. You can still get your point across with a little thought and judgment.


• No cross posting. Post one subject only once


• Do not engage in “flame wars” or excessive exchange of confrontational postings. Debate is important, but members should not try to pick a fight. Keep the debate about ideas and don’t get personal.


• Please make every attempt to make posts in the most relevant Forum section. Please read the section description before posting.


• Members are asked not to act as back seat moderators.


• Members are asked to respect the copyrights of others. Please give credit where credit is due and include a link to the source or copyrighted location.


• The rules on the open Forums also apply to private messages.


• All items outlined in the registration agreement remain in force throughout your use of the forums



Here is more Food for Thought to go along with the above Forum Guidelines:

Forum etiquette

Has anyone wondered what proper etiquette is when using the CTFire-EMS Forums? Well, here are some great rules of thumb to follow and live by when interacting with your fellow radio communications enthusiasts:

1. God gave you 2 ears, and 1 mouth. Listen (read) before you speak (type) - and everyone will be better for it, including yourself.

2. Resist the urge to post to every single thread in every single forum. You might know everything there is to know about fire, however not everyone wants to "hear that you know." 


4. Check your spelling and grammar before posting your message. 

5. Posting message with a subject of "Question" or "Hello" doesn't give a good description to folks who are passing through what the thread is about. Always post a descriptive subject, such as "Great Training Idea?".

6. Stay on topic. Start a new thread if it isn't on topic for the existing one. We will merge it if we think it is already in discussion or related to an existing thread.

7. Let a dead horse die. Please don't keep beating a horse in a thread.

8. Do not post just to increase your post count. As crazy as this sounds, we have members here that believe their "social status" will rise considerably if their post count exceeds 10,000. 

9. Do not become the internet police, and do not assume the role of a moderator. If you see a thread that needs attention, discusses illegal activities, or is otherwise problematic, click the Report Post link and let the moderator know. Do not tackle these issues yourself.

10. Please do not tell the moderators how to do their job. They are well aware of the forums and actively attempt to manage them as well as they can. If you see a post or thread that is having problems or otherwise needs the attention of the moderators, click the Report Post link () and send us a quick message. This is a volunteer job - we will get to it. Might not be in the next five minutes. Sorry if we can not meet your personal deadline (Not really). 

11. Take a deep breath before you post a message. Could someone misconstrue your message as an attack on their character? Could someone misinterpret what you said as an insult? Many subtle items can be lost in written communications, so be sensitive to the fact that some people may view your message differently than what your intention was.

12. Leave your signature box to what is relevant. It doesn't impress me having 10 lines of text under your name. Keep it simple and to what is important.
Hint - If your signature is "Out of Control" expect it to be cut down.